Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UPDATE: Houndstooth Hallway

I've gotten a couple questions about the subtlety of my Houndstooth Hallway.  

Is it too subtle?  
Are you thinking of doing something to make it pop more?
Do you think you need to re-do it?

The quick answers are no, no, and no. It is perfect for the space! 

Let me explain, because it is white on white it is really subtle, and there are times that you don't even notice it, but that is fine. My downstairs is "Palm Leaf" green, "Almost Charcoal" dark gray and "polished silver" light gray, these colors are pretty bold and another bold color would have made my head spin, I think. 

The pattern is where the "boldness" comes in. It is pretty big and graphic. 

Here are a couple pictures I took today at lunch. With the green and the dark gray the white on white houndstooth works perfect! 


p.s. if you like those penguins on the wall check out Penguin Attack

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