Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Wall Hanging Project

Hi All!

Here is my newest project, a wall hanging from my bedroom. Let me tell you that this thing ended up being BIG I mean really BIG, but I LOVE it.

Some 1x2 wood that I got at Lowe's, and they cut it for me too.
Little metal L shape metal things
Staple gun
Shower curtain

So I got some wood at Lowe's and they cut it for me. I wanted a rectangle because that would best fit the picture on the shower curtain that I got at Target.  So I put it all together, and attached the wood with metal L bracket things you see here.

I did have to do a little cutting at home because it wasn't square but I did finally get it right! 

You would have laughed at me if you saw me trimming the excess inch or so I had to cut off. I was sitting on the floor with this saw like tool that
 is more like a oddly shaped jagged knife, sawing away, it took me like an hour to get though the wood. Ha Ha. 
I did have a square however which made the process a little easier!

Ok so this is what the finished frame turned out looking like! I did end up painting this black because you could kind of see though the shower curtain.

The next thing I did was take the shower curtain and stretch it across my frame. I used a staple gun to attach the shower curtain to the frame. The one thing I could not figure out how to do was get the fold lines out of the shower curtain. So, I am hope with time and tension that they will become less noticeable. Take a look and see what you think. 

This was a super easy project and very inexpensive for the size. I think I spent less than $25 on the whole thing and I think it looks great!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Well it is a new year!
I am happy to say looking back at the past year I kept my new years resultoions. There were two,
1. Smile more, Cry less.
2. Say yes to dates.
I did both all year long. The first half of the year was very hard but the second half was wonderful!

So for 2009 my new years goals are...
1. To have more fun, enjoy life, and go on more adventures.
2.  Challenge myself.

My words to live by:

Dream, Pray, Smile, Love, Thank the LORD for today!

Happy 2009!!!