Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive... This summer has been full of really exciting things... Here is the run down!

- My 28th birthday! Which I got to spend in Kansas City with my family! PERFECT! (I got to do some shopping at Crate & Barrel - LOVE!

- Acquired some new artwork - Ok it is Casey's but my walls now have more artwork on them!

- My 1 year house birthday - Which I was in Kansas City for, not at my house, oh well.

- A couple of Friends from Nebraska came into town! It was so good to see Lacey and Pat.

- Went to Shrimp and Grits with Maggie

- Cassie's Bachelorette Party

- My 10 year high school reunion that I celebrated with Allison right here in Nashville...

- Lauren's Bachelorette Party

- I got to celebrate my friend Lauren's wedding!

- I got to celebrate my friend Cassie's wedding!

- We had a Neighborhood Sundowner

- Had a very nice 4th of July.

- The Nashville Huskers became an official chapter of the Nebraska Alumni Association!

- Coach Ron Brown came to Nashville to speak to the Nashville Huskers and Franktown

- My brother and I joined a kickball team! If it moves we hit it.

- A the frist Kickball game of the then proceeded to tear my quad in the first game and was out for the season. I became the team cheerleader/photographer/beer girl.

- Made headway on starting a Collegiate AMA chapter at Vanderbilt!

- I went home to Colorado!

- I celebrated Mark and Angie's Wedding !

- Helped out with Sculpture in the Park.

- Purchased my first Sculpture.

- Kicked off another year on the NAMA board, as VP/Chair - Collegiate Relations.

- Had my first tooth pulled :(

- Casey sprained his ankle playing Kickball - We have both been banned from the sport.

- Another really exciting this is that my best friend, Allison, got engaged this past weekend, to Bill, an wonderful gentleman. LOVE!

- My brother Casey's 27th Birthday. He was on crutches but we made the most out of it!

So that is my summer in a nut shell! I am sure there will be more updates to come!