Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My sunsets are freaking amazing!

So yesterday I sat down to read my Nashville Lifestyles Magazine that Allison got me for my birthday, and just happened to catch an amazing sunset.... (I really hope that you don't mind seeing tons of view pictures, I just love it!)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Watch 2010

Thanks to Facebook I am able to stay connected with so many people! I love it!

However I am declaring 2010 the year of the BABY!

A few years ago it was wedding season 365...now it is Baby 2010, a natural progression I suppose. :)

So far in 2010 I know of 28 laides who have been or are pregnant durring this calendar year, and I seem to hear about someone new every day.

It is amazing to think of the 28 little miracles. :) God is so good!

I am wishing all the moms a safe pregnancy and healthy baby!


Friday, June 25, 2010

First, Second and Third

I have found myself referring to my house in the same way I referred to the sorority house in college...

I'm on first...

My room is on second...

I'm going up to third...

See at the Tri Delta house at Nebraska we had 4 floors, the basement where the kitchen and dining room was. We had "First" which was the living area and where our house mom lived, "Second" and "Third" were all of our rooms. I lived on both 2nd and 3rd through out my years in the house.

Now that I have a 3 level townhome I have found my self saying "I'm on First," The first floor is my living area with the kitchen and dining room... Or I've said, "It is in one of the boxes on Third" (the spare bedroom that is full of boxes still)... or "I'm going to go clean Second."

It just makes me chuckle...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Summer Drink - Pineapple Martinis

Each summer Casey and I seem to have a summer signature drink. Last summer is was Sweet Tea Vodka (FireFly is the best) and Country Time Lemonade... SO good...

This summer we have classed it up a little bit and are all about the pineapple infused martinis. I have seen these at nice restaurants and bars, but haven't gotten the urge to shell out $11 - $18 for ONE drink.

Mom and Dad have been infusing pineapple in vodka for a little while, but the first time I had it was when I was most recently back in Colorado...and boy was that Yummy!

So, Casey and I decided to try it.

We first made it with one pineapple and 750ml of vodka...let it sit in the jar for a week, and then had some people over and it was gone very quickly...

So we are making it again on a larger scale...and this is how:

You will need -
A glass container to put your pineapple deliciousness in, kind of like this one. You can get them at World Market or Bed Bath & Beyond... I am sure other places have them too.

Three fresh pineapples...When I went to Publix to get mine, they didn't have any out, just some in the back and the tops had been chopped off, maybe to make shipping easier? I don't know...

Vodka...I got the "inexpensive" stuff...not the cheapest but just a step or two above it, I'm on a budget!

Cut the outside off of the pineapple, then slice, and cut the slices in half....

Next layer them in the pineapple in a design, if you are a Type A personality like me, or just toss it in if you are like my brother, Type B...

Then all you have to do is add vodka!

Let it sit for a week to a week and a half.

Shake it with Ice and enjoy!


Monday, June 21, 2010


One of my coworkers always talks about her garden, and how rewarding it is to start something from a little seed and see it grow into a plant, and then produce fruit.

Well when mom was out here for Memorial Day weekend she brought me a sunflower kit... It had a pot, seeds, dirt and all! So last week I think it was, I put it all together. I thought what the heck lets see what happens...

About 3 days later I looked at my little sunflower pot sitting outside, and there were PLANTS! They keep getting bigger and bigger every day... It makes me smile :)

Take a look...

Ok I know I am a nerd for being so excited about my plants, but it makes me want to go get more seeds and grow more plants...

However I have to remind myself, one thing at a time, one thing at a time.


I LOVE the view from my house!

One of the thinks I love about my house is the view!

Casey and I have followed in Mom and Dad's tradition of sitting outside with a cocktail and taking in the early evening. (Nashville has been SO HOT lately that is the only time of day that it is bearable to be outside.) One of the views I love the most is watching the sun set, we get to see some of the most spectacular sunsets... (The pictures don't do them justice)

There also some sweet views of downtown, from the 2nd floor nook, and Casey's room...We arn't sure how long we will have the view, we will have it as long as they only build a 2 level townhouse in front of mine... :) It is so hazy in these pictures it is hard to see downtown, I am determined to get a good picture of it on a clear day.

The way my house sits on top of the hill we also have some spectacular views of storms as they pass over and around us. Here are some pictures from the Thursdays crazy storm!


Big 10

As I am pretty sure everyone knows, Nebraska has joined the Big 10 as the 12th member. At first I was pretty apprehensive about the move. But the more I read about the decision that happier I am with it. I think it was the right move.

As of 2011 Nebraska will start competing in the Big 10...Which means I have a year to learn the rest of the Big 10 Teams, here is a quick run down for everyone:

Michigan State
Ohio State
Penn State



I am going to post about each team though out the year, to help you and I learn a whole new conference :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Kansas and Kansas State...I am sorry...

So, I've been trying to follow all the college football action today and there has been a lot of shake up.

Colorado has been the first to leave the Big 12. (Hey at least they are first in something :))

I am not exactly sure what to say, or how to feel about it. But Nebraska is apparently going to be the 12 member of the Big 10 and there is not much I can do about it. If you are looking at the decision from purely a business stand point it is a no brainer. You go to the Big 10, sports are not the only beneficiary of this realignment, the university is a big winner too...Moving to the Big 10 is going to bring in a lot of research money for Nebraska AND going to improve the schools reputation as a great research school AND improve the academic ranking.

From an emotional stand point it will be difficult to leave the Big 12, because we will be leaving teams that we have played for 100+ years. But we are leaving the Big 12 -- not the Big 8, the Big 8 was lost in 1996-97...and from then on there was no going back to what we knew and loved. :(

So to Kansas and Kansas State, I am sorry.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

It is official I am a homeowner! Things have been absolutely crazy these past four days so I have not had a chance to update you with all the exciting news. Well that and I don't have internet at home yet. (Not having it does help with productivity, however)

My 27th birthday was the best birthday ever!

The morning started off with finishing up the packing, a little relaxing, and waiting to sign my life away ;)

Closing was set for 2pm, but things were pushed back to 3pm, great for my nerves, right? After closing I went to pick Casey up and get the keys and head to the house...how exciting MY house!

By the way, my phone was exploding all day, beeping, ding
ing, buzzing and curplinking... Thank you everyone for all the Birthday and Happy House wishes...

We went over to the house and the sold sign was in the front yard, and there was a Happy Birthday banner on the front of the house... How sweet of the builders, right?!

Three of the houses in my building closed on Friday, mine, my next door neighbors, and the other end unit. And both sets of neighbors were there too so we got to meet them and say hi! I think they are going to be awesome neighbors!

So we go in and take a look around the first floor, and it looks awesome!

The next thing I know, my door bell is ringing... I go and answer the door, thinking that it was my new neighbors, and I got the biggest surprise of the weekend...


I was just saying that I wish they were going to be out here this weekend, I wanted to share it with them. My wish came true! They came with flowers, a cake and ballons (they were also the ones that put the sign out front!)

What a wonderful weekend, full of surprises... and the best birthday ever!

I will make sure to post before and after pictures as the decorating begins...so keep checking in!