Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100th Post

It really should not have taken me this long to get to my 100th post!

Life seems to have gotten in the way of blogging, imagine that.

I've thought a little about what my 100th post should be about. Should it be something BIG? If it needs to be something BIG... I am going to have to wait, because there is nothing too big and exciting going on right now.

So, I thought I would make this post about some of my favorite things! My Friends!

A great night downtown!

Lacey in Nashville @ Roberts

Maggie @ Shrimp and Grits

We are a little blue but still cute!

4th of July a couple years ago, just a super cute pic!

Don't hate me! This is called efficient dress shopping!

Tanner and I getting ready for NYE neighborhood style!

Kickball Crew!



Kickball Crew!
If you put crazy pictures on my get put on my blog ;)!
Nebraska Crew
Crazy Neighbors 
1. I must be slacking on taking pictures, because I don't have recent pictures of many of you!
2. I know some of these are old, I just love them.
3. Don't hate me!

Love you all!


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