Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bedroom: I'm insane wall

I've had some ups and downs with my bedroom lately... Some of you may remember my color palette from a previous blog...Well I have made the decision to abandon those colors, after I painted the ceiling purple and the walls gray. I love the colors, and still might try and incorporate some of them, but they really made the room much younger and less lux... But, the room is looing great!

The awesome chandeliers I ordered from Urban Outfitters for my bedroom came in on Friday and I was so excited to hang them, it was the first thing I did yesterday. They are bigger than I though and wanted but they still look good!

But as I was sitting there observing the room, I knew this room was in desperate need of a pattern. Since I haven't been able to find a fabric I like as much as my inspiration fabric... And the fabric I ordered from hasn't come in yet, and I don't think I would want a whole lot of that fabric in the room... I made the decision to do something insane.

I got this idea from a friend of mine, Kim, she did this in her hall and it looks amazing! Kim, got the idea from the Jones Design Company blog (which has the stencil I used). Tank you Kim, I am so glad I did this!

I will say that mine turned out a bit more "organic" than the other two did, but it is that "organic-ness" that is just what was needed in that room... There were so many solid colors and sharp clean lines...It needed something different. So, here we go!

This is the before:


Each of these blogs have tips as to how to do this...So here are mine and the supplies that you will need:

- Stencil, From Jones Design Company blog - I used two a paper one for corners and those tricky spots, and a cardboard one for the rest of the wall...
- Level - When I was traceing the pattern onto the wall, I started from the bottom and moved my way up and to the right... So I used the level on the first couple of rows on the bottom and the first two columns on the left. I figured if I make sure the those are straight and level I can work from there.
- Pencil - to trace... make sure you have a good eraser.
- iPod - not pictured but was necessary
- Paint Brush - I think the brush I used was wider than the other two examples... but I was happy with the way that it turned out so I am happy.
- Paint - The best part of this is that I had everything I needed here at home... I just used left over paint from when I painted my accent walls downstairs... It worked perfect!
- Beer - I can be a bit OCD sometimes and want to make everything perfect and often get irritated when it isn't. It usually bothers me, but with this I had to think that the imperfections were part of design...they make it "organic" and beautiful! With a beer in hand I was less concerned about making it perfect, and just had fun with it...
- Time - This took me 8 hours start to finish...That includes cutting out the pattern and clean up.

This was not a hard project at all... it just took some time!



Kim Schmidt said...

I love it Emily!! And if I got up close, you will definitely see my "organic-ness". It's far from perfect but luckily that pattern forgives very easily! And I think it's perfect for your upscale bedroom!

Katie R said...


crystal.cattle said...

Wow that is awesome. I'm impressed. Looks just like wall paper, but I am sure much easier to change at a later time.

Those chandeliers are awesome too! Nice work.

EFay said...

Thanks guys! It was a really fun project to do!