Saturday, September 18, 2010

Game Day

So often I feel like I over commit my self to doing just way too much. The problem is that, for the most part, I love all my "extra" stuff...

My very favorite is game day! I started Nashville Huskers/Nasvhillians for Nebraska (i really need to choose one name and stick with it) for purely selfish reasons. I had lived in Nashville just over two year and was about to go into 3rd football season and really really wanted to watch the game with some other Nebraska fans. I knew there were some around I would see bumper stickers and license plate covers all across town.

So, stalked people (kinda, not really, but yeah) on Facebook, LinkedIn, name it to find other Nebraska fans in town. I set our first game for the '09 VA Tech game. I had 20 people say that they would show up, I was ecstatic...I was also SO SO SO nervous that these 20 people were not going to show up and I was going to look like a fool to the bar. I pretty much wanted to puke as Casey and I were walking in.

To my shock and amazement the bar was already full of Nebraska Fans...85 showed up that day! I instantly felt better, and knew that this was something special. Little did I know, at that point, what a defining moment that was for me. In planning these events I have discovered my passions, talents, skills and abilities.

The 2009 season ended strong, there were a few bumps in the road, but you know I learned from them in order to make the 2010 season all that much better!

This group always seems to surprise me!

I had made a goal for myself at the beginning of the season. I wanted a game with at least 100 people there. That goal was reached in the first game of the season, with 130 people. I think I was in a bit of shock...I saw very little of the game, because I was mixing and mingling it was AWESOME. The next game was 120 (it was a morning game, fewer people attend those)...

I am just so happy! It is fun to see the success of such a great group. The Nashville Husker fans are amazing, and so much fun to be around.

We are also becoming a hot commodity! I've had 2 bars contact me this week to see if I was interested in switching locations... :)

It is funny...before 2 weeks ago it was a challenge to get a bar in SEC country to give up a SEC game for a Nebraska game, now it seems like they are more than willing, if I bring the club.

The Frayed Knot has been really good to us, so we are staying there...however it is always prudent to re-evaluate these things every year...

Today the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Washington Huskies at Washington. People are calling for this to be a close game. I really hope not, but I would like for it to be a good one! If you are in Nashville and are looking to watch the game come on out to the Frayed Knot at 2:30 today, I am expecting a good turn out!


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Anonymous said...

Really nice story Emily! Nothing like jumping in head 1st! From I can see from down here in Memphis, you have done a great job! Keep up the good work! Go Big Red!!
Rik Hale, Memphis Area Nebraskans!